You may say I'm a dreamer.


And you're not the only one. When you find your niche and get really good at what you do, you're always open to the next challenge. You're looking for something to make you wrinkle your nose and furrow your brow and dance around and around the solution until the light bulb goes off. Those are the best feelings in the world, those light bulbs - especially when everyone's light up at the same time, the shutters all popping like a championship press conference.

I dream up creative solutions, and deliver them on time.

I have spent over 15 years building, developing, and deploying educational content and media and collaborating with fellow educators to deliver knowledge in both online and traditional environments. My experience lies in educational philosophies, pedagogy, production, and implementation; PM, workshop and training development, audio and video production lifecycle, digital and graphic design; and leadership of diverse, creative teams.

I thrive on identifying opportunities for improvement and creating the right solutions for challenges, on using technology to help leave the world a little better than we found it. I have the unique combination of creative experience grounded in sound business philosophies. I dream up the answer no one thought of - or create the space for my team to dream it up - and deliver it on time.



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